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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Introducing...Fitness Fridays!

WARNING!  This blog post contains images that may render you temporarily (or permanently) blind.  Continue at your own risk.

A hoy hoy!  This is my first blog post as an Ambassador for The Motion Room .  Part of my responsibility as an ambassador is to blog about my experience, my progress, my successes and my failures.  Yes, along the way there are sure to be some failures.  That's life :)

Check out that SMILE!  Yes, I do love to work out and have fun even when I'm dying :)

Today I had my a body composition re-test in order for Joseph & James to create the fitness goals that I must meet in the next 6 months.  I was previously tested at the end of November and I was not so happy with the RESULTS
There are three areas that are tested during a body composition test: Weight, Measurements and Fat Thickness which includes a muscle : fat ratio.  The results of these tests will determine your body fat percentage as well as your weight composition.  All done with ultrasound and a good old measuring tape.

Okay! Okay! Enough with the technical gym talk.  You want the results.  I get it.

Weight - 141 lbs (up 3lbs).  Not too bad bc I am gaining muscle right?  Or so I thought...  Once all the results were in, it was 3lbs of FAT.  Damn you holidays!

Neck - 13" (down .25")
Chest - 37.5" (down 1")
Bicep - 12" (same)
Waist - 30" (same)
Hips - 38" (down 1")
Thigh - 23.5" (down .5')
Calf  - 14" (same)

Not too bad.  I'd like to see the waist go down but overall, I'm happy with my measurement results.

My body fat percentage is 34.2%.  Not good.  It's up 1.2% but based on my weight results, I'm not surprised.  I really didn't take any care over the holidays.  I ate whatever I wanted and it shows :(  I need to get my lean muscle up and my fat down as well as my hydration up.

Not a great re-test but not horrible either.  Getting these results snapped me back into reality.  I'm not 21 years old anymore.  I can't eat whatever I want and expect to burn it off, just by working out.  I have to monitor my caloric intake while I work out to get real, visible results.  That being said:

Seeing is believing.  Please, if you have small children, ask them to leave the room.  If you have a weak stomach, you may also want to avert your gaze.  I apologize in advance. Deep Breath...

Here I am in all my pale, flabby glory.  

Did you hear that?  That was the sound of many a fantasy bubble being popped; kinda like my bikini top (Bazinga!).  But fear not!  This is an official goodbye to the body above.  In 6 months from now I will have shed this body to reveal the fit, toned and healthy body that I know lies beneath.  I had that body for a good long time, I know I can get it back.  And you'll all be along for the ride.  Stay tuned for a blog update every Friday and wish me luck.  I'm gonna need it! 

Btw my sweet, supportive little girl Leni did not want me to feel alone so she also took a before picture.  I'd say she's looking pretty good :)

xo M