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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Out with the Old...

And in with the new!  I spent some time jazzing up the old blog and adding some stuff to it last night.  I should have been sleeping but this was far more important :)

Hmm...what have been up to?  Working like crazy.  Making cards.  Joining a gym :)  Yup I finally got my ass in gear and have my first assessment and training session tomorrow at 5pm! I'm super excited and a little nervous bc I know I'm crazy out-of-shape.

Anywho, let me know what you think of the new blog layout.  I still need to figure out how to jazz it up a bit more and I think I may have to get it hosted.

I leave you with a picture of recent balloon decor I did  xo M

Cloud 9 Cluster in a new print: Gothic Scroll.  LOVES!

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