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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

In The Garden, Eating Worms

Because it's clear that nobody likes me.  Or at the very least, nobody wants to really be my friend.  And I have TWO examples that prove said claim:

Oh facebook, how I loathe thee.  You're like a bad lover that I just can't shake.  You bring me so much joy and so much pain.  I know that you're no good, but I keep coming back. Case-in-point: I discover things about people that make me angry.  Even though I kinda already knew they weren't so great.  Or a sneaky, gossipy snake...  I had a very messy falling out with a friend just about a year ago. (Oh surprise! Yup, another one.) And I kindly asked all of my friends and family to remove her from facebook since she was nothing but a drama queen.  I blocked her.  So when I recently reset my facebook settings and decided not to worry about blocking the people who were blocked, I was surprised to see that a member of my family hadn't removed this person and in fact, communicates with her.  However, I'm not surprised.

Example number two:  A friend from high school passed away on Sunday morning.  I found out via face book yesterday.  Not the best way to find out but no big deal as I haven't seen or spoken to most of that crew in over 4 years.  What did and does bother me is that when scanning the recent photos that friends had posted, I came across a photo posted on a "Life Celebration of Danny Schmaltz" page.  I thought to myself, "Excellent!  I have a funny picture that I found of Danny, Brad and myself that I will post on the page."  You can imagine my surprise when I discovered that it wasn't a page but and EVENT; taking place this Saturday in honour of Danny.  The picture for the event was familiar as it is from my Super Sweet 26th Birthday album, but I was not invited to this event.  Every single other fucking person that we went to high school with was invited BUT ME.  I cannot believe it was an oversight since the picture was taken from my album.  The reason that Danny and I haven't spoken is because he was best friends with my ex and Brad and I didn't have the best break up.  I understand that no one wanted to maintain contact with me as their allegiance was to Brad.  But Danny and I were good friends for a number of years and his death affected me.  And my feelings are hurt that I wasn't included in a celebration of his life.

I don't feel like writing anymore and sometimes wonder why I even bother.

Rest In Peace Danny.  I'll miss you xoxo

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