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Friday, 7 October 2011

Pay no attention to me, I'll be just fine

Gah!  What a month to choose to not drink!  This Sober October business is proving to be harder than I thought.  Which is a tad worrisome...

There are TWO awesome events happening tonight that I want to check out but I fear that my tolerance for debauchery may be dampened by my being dry and all :( However, if you're like all the other cool kids you will be here:

Peepshow & Lipstick Video Premier AND All-Girl Art Show tonight at the Baitshop 
What's better than a bunch of hot skateboarding guys?  A bunch of hot skateboarding guys and a bunch of hot snowboarding girls!  I'm thinking of popping by after a long day at my J.O.B. Check out the deets here:  followed by...

ROCKTOBERFEST @ Tattoo.  Chicks free before midnight?  I can get down with that!

What a night!  AND I don't even have to wake up early for anything tomorrow.  A perfect night wasted on a sober challenge.  *sigh*  I must learn to have fun and be a nice, social person without the aid of liquor. I suppose that not indulging will leave some hard earned pennies in my pocket for once as well :)  

Whatever your plan this evening, enjoy the b-e-a-utiful weather kiddies!  If you see me at the Baitshop or Tattoo, don't be afraid to come and say hello.  I don't bite.  Unless you ask me to :) (wakka, wakka) 

This is what I look like BTW:) 

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